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The Contemporary Circus | Circoluza
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(Luza is in a hole in the middle of a lawn ringed with trees. She pops her head out and looks around. She calls to the people hidden behind the trees, who come to help her out of the hole.)

Narrator: Here in Canada, we’re experts at creating contemporary circus shows. We have many circus companies and artists, particularly in Québec. They invent highly successful shows and perform all around the world!

This is the Cité des arts du cirque in Montréal. It houses a circus school and performance spaces. Circus performers come here to train and rehearse, like the artists you see here. They are from two contemporary circus companies: Barcode and Acting for Climate.

(Luza moves and sees two men carrying a woman on their arms. They throw her up into the air. Luza does a cartwheel, then crawls under a woman executing the bridge, who is supporting another woman doing a handstand.)

Narrator: Learn about some of the Canadian troupes in the photo to earn more stars.

(Luza is joined by all the artists. Five lift her by the legs. She waves hello to an artist in the trees. She climbs down and everyone runs to the right. She sees four women. All four are carrying a man on their shoulders. Luza is so impressed that she forgets to look where she’s going and falls back in the hole.)

Narrator: Hey Luza, these artists are fun to look at, but be careful to watch your step!

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