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explore the Wonderful World of the Circus Arts

(A young fair-skinned woman in a red, blue and white costume is in the middle of a circus ring. She looks all around in wonder.)

Hello Luza!

(Startled, Luza turns to look at the camera, faces it, moves a bit closer, and waves hello)

It’s beautiful here, don’t you think ? Well, you’re on a circus stage.

To get a good look around, wander from right to left through the videos and photos.

(Luza spins, looking all around in wonderment. She points to a door, then turns and sees another. Putting her hands on her hips as if in surprise, she turns to face the camera, puzzled.)

What do you think of those strange doors? Guess what, soon you will be able to open them yourself by clicking on them. That’s how you will discover the circus arts.

(Luza jumps with excitement. She looks up in wonder at the ceiling, then down.)

As you make new discoveries, you will earn stars, and you will be able to make your own collection of creative elements. These will all appear down here.

(Luza hops impatiently.)

Soon it will be time to make choices between these elements so you can create different circus acts yourself. It will make you feel like you’re a circus artist.

(Luza points to a door and looks at the camera, as if to ask if she can go.)

Go ahead, start with this door. Have fun!

(Luza walks toward the door and the lights go out)

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