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About | Circoluza
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Circoluza: The Wonderful World of Circus Arts is an immersive online experience produced by TOHU. Its goal is to provide children aged 6 to 12 with an immersive experience of the world of circus arts in Canada and around the globe.

Children are given a mission to explore the TOHU collection, including never seen 360-degree videos and interviews with circus professionals, and find content that helps them discover what it’s like to be a circus artist. Throughout their quest, children learn about the different circus disciplines and explore the otherwise inaccessible backstage areas at a circus. They discover the steps involved in producing a circus show, including training the artists, developing the acts and preparing its technical elements.

This project was made possible by the Digital Museums Canada investment program. Digital Museums Canada is administered by the Canadian Museum of History with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

Unless otherwise indicated, this exhibition and its content is the property of TOHU.

Credits and acknowledgements

Tohu logo


Project direction: Ruth Wikler
Project management, research and writing: Cornélia Strickler
Graphic design, Teacher’s Guide: Edith Paris
Image research: Cornélia Strickler et Éloïse Véronneau
Technical Coordinators: Éric Gingras et Martine Ethier Makanda
Logistics Coordinators: Anaïs Devillers et Sarah Yaghlane-Marais
Film direction: Daniel Ross

Tohu logo


Website design: CREO Inc
Project management: Anouk Ethier
Scripting: Ophélie Delaunay
Artistic direction: Annie Cossette
Programming: Sylvie Tessier
Integration of website content: Marion Gozin

Editing and filming: Karen Vanderborght
Photography of works: Anaïs Beauchemin-Hétu
Translation and editing: Élite Communications
Educational consultant: Isabelle Goudou

Advisory committee

Pascal Jacob, collector, circus arts historian, set designer, costume designer, author
Anna-Karyna Barlati, Manager, National Circus School Library
Delphine Bouteiller, Cultural Mediation Agent, TOHU

Main partners

National Circus School

Digital Museums Canada

Other acknowledgements

Special thanks to Pascal Jacob for the loan of his works, his support and his expertise.

We also thank the following institutions for their participation and support of the project: Flip Fabrique, Barcode and Acting for Climate, Machine de Cirque, Cavalia Inc., and Kalabanté Productions.

Thank you to the artists and professionals who participated in the project: Vanessa Kneale (Luza), Tuedon Ariri, Julie Barbeau, Frédérique Cournoyer Lesage, Victor Crépin, Martine Ethier Makanda, Vincent Gervais, Emmanuel Jacquinot, Olivier Lamarche, Aude Lavergne, Teo LeBaut, Stéphane Ménigot, Louis Mercier, Martin Plante and Santiago Rivera Laugerud.

Thank you to our young testers : Valexia, Emmanuel, Charles-Émile, Élisabeth, Grégoire, Adrien, Rose-Alexia, Théodore, Nadine, Julian, Ilian, Clémentine, Anaée et Anouk, and to the teachers who provided support : Ibticem Akrour, Caroline Boudreau, Mélanie Bougie-Richer et Caroline Leblanc, Chloé Strickler.

Photo and video credits

Welcome to the Circus section
History of the Circus section
Circus Disciplines Section
Circus Spaces section
Creative Process section
Contemporary circus section


Unless otherwise indicated, this website and its content are the property of TOHU.

With the exception of educational use and personal research, the contents of this exhibition, may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written authorization of TOHU or the owner of the content in question, if applicable, and proper acknowledgment of the copyright owner and the online exhibition.


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