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Circus Spaces | Circoluza
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(Luza runs into the big top through the artists’ entrance and takes the ramp into the ring. Lively jazz music is playing.)

Narrator: Welcome to TOHU’s big top tent! I see you came through the artists’ entrance. Are you a circus star?

(Luza looks all around in awe of the big top. She grabs onto a tent pole, then spins around and bumps into a big rolled-up carpet. She knocks it over, picks it up and tries to stand it back up, but it falls again. She finally gets it to stand up, and then leans on it, happy. The carpet falls again, taking her with it.)

Narrator: A big top tent is a perfect location for a touring circus, because it can be dismantled and moved from town to town. But circus can happen in lots of places, not just in big tops. Circus can be performed in theatres, on streets, or in more unusual places. Explore the photos to discover more of these places, and you can earn stars.

(Finally, Luza stands back up and enters the carpet roll as she tips it over her head. Her entire torso, from her waist to her head, is inside the carpet roll. Only her legs are visible. Unable to see anything, she bumps into the pole.)

Narrator: Big tops can be pretty amazing. Their shape is like no other, look at the lights, the tent poles- oops! Careful around the poles. They really do hold up the tent. Be careful or it might fall down on top of you!

(She lets the carpet drop down. Still standing in the centre of the roll, only her hands are visible. She finally pops out her head, proud of her achievement.)

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