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Circus Disciplines | Circoluza
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(On the TOHU stage, Luza holds a red ball in front of her head. To the right, a woman is performing aerial acrobatics. Behind, two men are performing floor acrobatics. Energetic instrumental music is playing.)

Narrator: You look like a clown with your red nose! That’s funny. But you know, Luza, there’s more than just clowns in a circus. Look around!

(Luza hands the ball to one of the floor acrobats. He performs a front Salto on the hands and feet of the other artist, who is lying on the floor.)

Narrator: There are acrobats on the floor and in the air. You’ll find them later in the next photo, and you can watch them to earn stars. And don’t forget the hand balancers, and the jugglers.

(Luza walks to the artist twirling in the air, gives her the ball and sits under her. The artist drops the ball to the floor and Luza collects it. She then moves toward an artist doing a handstand on canes. The artist touches one foot to Luza’s head. Luza moves away and gives the ball to a juggler, who is already juggling. She chases after him, but he disappears behind a curtain. Then she sees a clown nose as red as her ball. She takes the nose and puts it on her face.)

Narrator: Hey! Where’d the clown go? Oh! It’s you! Hahaha you’re so funny! But aren’t we missing one type of circus performer?

(Luza finds a hobby horse. She mounts it and pretends to be an equestrienne.)

Narrator: That’s right, the one who performs with horses! Very funny, Luza. You can’t just grab a horse and become an equestrian acrobat.

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