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Circus History | Circoluza
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(A young woman is standing on the TOHU performance stage, facing away from the camera. She is fair-skinned, has her hair up in a double bun and her outfit is red, white and blue. She is looking at something. Strange and mysterious instrumental music plays.)

Narrator: What are you looking at, Luza?

(Luza steps aside, revealing the poster. She gestures to show how beautiful it is.)

Narrator: Oooooh! It’s an antique circus poster!

(Luza moves toward a figurine of a man and a monkey that is sitting on a table. Luza imitates the monkey, then heads toward a painting of a strongman. She imitates him, as well. Realizing that a light is following her, she hides behind a table. She comes out the other side and continues exploring.)

Narrator: You’re curious, aren’t you Luza? You’re going to love exploring the circus world. Since circuses have existed for a long time all around the world, you’ll have lots to discover! The art works you see here are windows on the past. You’ll even meet circus artists from the olden days. Listen to what they have to say so you can earn more stars for your collection!

(Luza walks in front of a mirror and is surprised by her reflection. She makes funny motions in the mirror.)

Narrator: Hey wait, what’s on this poster? It’s you! Hahaha. You can be so funny sometimes.

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